Our Story

Kid Boss roared into life in mid 2018 when founder and CEO Jarrad Dober decided to combine his love of entrepreneurship and years of teaching experience into an amazing project that he hoped would open up a world of infinite possibilities for kids everywhere.

Through teaching Jarrad had seen incredible optimism and excitement from those youngest students he taught. They could tell him a hundred different careers or things they might invent that they were sure beyond any doubt that they’d be able to do. In a complete contrast when speaking with year 12 students, they could only tell you one or two things they may or might be able to do. It was devastating to see and hear but the solution seemed simple.

Jarrad and the Kid Boss team strongly believe that a child who truly understands they can turn what they love into what they do will never feel they don’t have a direction in life. Too often in life we see our children slowly adding to the list of things they can’t do, well, the Kid Boss programs are about giving kids a list of things that they CAN do by teaching amazing life and personal skills through business creation that help children discover their own unique values.


Our dream.

We’re not shy about saying that we want a world full of infinite possibilities for kids but how do we hope to achieve this?

The Kid Boss team aim to create a range of ‘do it yourself’ business creation kits with everything from jewellery making to brownie baking so your little one can choose what they love and prove to themselves that they CAN do amazing things, all the while having so much fun!

This gem of a life lesson is what we hope children hold onto throughout their young years so that they never feel disheartened when they come across something they’re not good at. Instead they thrive on improvement but always know that they themselves could build their own futures built around the things they love and enjoy in life.


The Team

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Jarrad Dober

Co-Founder of award winning children’s safety company CleverDux, recipient of the Mass Challenge top 10 most influential and exciting start-ups of 2017, ex-teacher of so many amazing kids and now founder & CEO of Australia’s only company looking to give kids a future full of infinite possibilities through ‘The Kid Boss Academy.’

“The optimism, creativity and uniqueness of young children has always been a huge inspiration and to build a company that let’s them discover their true value at such a young age and then helps direct them on a path where one day they turn what they love into what they do brings me so much joy.”

Fact - I started my first company at age 8 and made $76 over 2 days. Unfortunately no one ever told me I could turn what i enjoyed into what I did for a living so it took another 15 years consisting of Veterinary Nursing, Personal Training, Sport Science and a Teaching Degree until I personally had to discover that I could turn what I loved into what I did.

Loves - The ocean, kids movies, Cartoons, Sci Fi, Fantasy movies, food of every kind, my fiance’, family, friends and dog Willow.


We want you :)

Look, a company is nothing without the amazing people who work for it but we don’t just want anyone. We want people who believe what we believe, we want people to help us build a future where kids are constantly adding to the list of things they know they could do. We want BIG KIDS who aren’t afraid to be themselves, we want people who still believe there’s magic in the world and they want to make sure that this magic and adventurous spirit never leaves children.

We want people to love what they do for us because its something they love too.

If this is you no matter what your expertise we want you BUT if you happen to be any of these people to that’s cool: Computer programmer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Marketer, Sales person, Peter Pan or Baymax.