grow in confidence & skills as you build your very first charitable company.


It’s so good to see something that not only fundraises a great deal for our school community but also educates our children along the way.
— Mum of three- Wendy Nield

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Built by teachers & educators

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Jarrad Dober

Founder & CEO

Jarrad was previously the co-Founder of award winning children’s safety company CleverDux, recipient of the Mass Challenge top 10 most influential and exciting start-ups of 2017, current teacher of so many amazing kids and now founder & CEO of Australia’s only company looking to give kids a future full of infinite possibilities through ‘The Kid Boss Academy.’

“The optimism, creativity and uniqueness of young children has always been a huge inspiration and to build a company that let’s them discover their true value at such a young age and then helps direct them on a path where one day they turn what they love into what they do brings me so much joy.”

Fact - I started my first company at age 8 and made $76 over 2 days.

Loves - Surfing, creating things, sci fi & animated films, cartoons & food of every kind.