Children grow in confidence & life skills as they build their own sustainable company for social good.


The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competition (SEC)

The future is ever changing but there is one constant, the children of today will become the adults of tomorrow. The Sustainable Entrepreneurship competition is about teaching children a better way to see the future for themselves and the world around them.

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The competition gives every child in years 5 & 6 the chance to build their own company with the goal to make it sustainable as well as tackle a pressing world issue.

All schools keen to participate will receive their own SEC pack with everything to participate.

For further information click the link above or below and we’ll send through further information shortly.

Our Philosophy

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Built by educators & entrepreneurs to mesh together the necessary 21st century skills kids need alongside engaging yet educational teachings.

Joy, Creativity & Wonder are at the heart of all of our ideas because we believe these fuel your little one’s inner child to greatness.

Idea creation, personal skills, financial literacy & social responsibility form the 4 strong pillars that help guide our program content to deliver exciting real world content to school age kids.

Our goal is to help kids truly believe that they can change the world like Jane Gooddall, Elon Musk or Bill & Melinda Gates.

To do this we don’t teach but immerse your children in The Kid Boss Academy world. This way, they can discover for themselves their true values and perhaps believe just that little bit more that they really could turn what they love in this world and the problems they want to solve into what they do for a living.

Wouldn’t that be something…


The Kid Boss Academy takes the skills our children need in the future and then embeds them into fun and engaging programs
— Mum of three, Wendy.

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Built by teachers & educators

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Jarrad Dober

Founder & CEO

Jarrad was previously the co-Founder of award winning children’s safety company CleverDux, recipient of the Mass Challenge top 10 most influential and exciting start-ups of 2017, current teacher of so many amazing kids and now founder & CEO of Australia’s only company looking to give kids a future full of infinite possibilities through ‘The Kid Boss Academy.’

“The optimism, creativity and uniqueness of young children has always been a huge inspiration and to build a company that let’s them discover their true value at such a young age and then helps direct them on a path where one day they turn what they love into what they do brings me so much joy.”

Fact - I started my first company at age 8 and made $76 over 2 days.

Loves - Surfing, creating things, sci fi & animated films, cartoons & food of every kind.