Charitable Company Creation Kit

Charitable Company Creation Kit



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The first of many ‘company creation’ kits focus around children creating their own Brownie based business and is perfect for any child aged 8-13 years wanting to explore their creative side and become the CEO of their very first charitable company.

The Kid Boss Academy - Brownie box takes your child on their very first company creation journey from start-up (that’s a new company) all the way to absolute Kid Boss!

The online activity book guides your children through the super fun steps any real business person would take when building their company but focuses heavily on having the most fun possible.

Your child will:

  • Grow in confidence as they start and build their own company.

  • Learn persistence through building, baking and selling their own products

  • Create an amazing business name & logo to rival the likes of Nike and Pokemon

  • Design & create their very own business cards

  • Learn about those in need

  • Produce marketing posters and learn insider sales techniques

  • Be hands on whilst they bake and sell 30 delicious Kid Boss Academy Brownies

  • Start the building blocks of financial literacy

  • Become an absolute Kid Boss and potentially earn over $120 for a great cause.

We built this company to show your child the amazing things they can achieve when they’re having fun and in turn give them a glimpse at a future of infinite possibilities driven by the things they love.

We hope you’ll let your child experience a sneak peek at how amazing their life can be when they follow their passions.

Speak soon,

The Kid boss Academy Team.

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